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This is a question we are asked all too often. One of the hardest decisions when you sit down to have dinner is what to order to drink. With a long list of specialty drinks and wine, this could take quite a while. You go to open the wine menu, and are overwhelmed by your choices. What do you do now? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have a little of it all? Well, you can. No need to jump in your car and drive an hour or so away to your favorite vineyard. The Capitol Grille brings the vineyard to your table. However, it is better because you have the chance to experience vineyards from around the world.

My husband and I attended the Generous Pour Wine Event and were very impressed at the variety of wine offered. This event brings together select wines from around the country and is perfectly paired with each menu item. The Generous Pour event offers diners nine different wines throughout the night. They have already taken on the task of pairing each wine with your meal. Your main job:  sit back and wait to be blown away by the unique wine offerings.

It is hard to choose my favorite pairing since each offers a different taste (light bodied, wet, dry, sweet, bitter, etc). I truly enjoyed the pairing of the pan-seared cedar salmon with lobster mac and cheese and sautéed spinach. This is not your ordinary lobster mac and cheese with small bits of lobster sprinkled throughout. This mac and cheese contained whole lobster pieces fresh from the claw.

After filling up on dinner, I moved onto dessert. I was certain I would not be able to consume another bite. We have all been there:  You finish dinner and the waiter asks if you would like to see the dessert menu and you look at them as if they are crazy for even asking. Did you not see everything I just ate? ?

Against my full stomach, I tried the cheesecake with seasonal berries. This is not cheesecake you will find at your typical restaurant. This cheesecake had thin crisp brulee top. Among the best I’ve ever had. I am not a big “sweets” person and typically opt for a salty dessert over a sweet one. However, Capitol Grille will have me coming back just for the cheesecake alone. It was light and had the perfect textural contrast.

*Don’t forget to check it out before the event is over. You can check out their link here for further details.

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