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Thanks to my new Pinterest addiction, I’ve been exploring a bunch of new tricks for the kitchen. I stumbled upon a person’s pin for a broiled or chicken recipe that used Sazon Goya and Goya Adobo and I became intrigued. I already use the Goya Adobo quite regularly for one of my go-to, fast fixes; however, I had never used the Sazon Goya. So I decided to take to the kitchen. The first time I used it, I was pleased, but I knew that I was missing something and the second time around proved to be a home run. Below is the home-run recipe for Sazon Goya chicken wings. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it left me wanting more! The image below is from my first attempt (the second time around, my taste test was so satisfying that I finished them off without snapping a photo!)

What you’ll need:

Sazon Goya seasoning ©JohnnaKnowsGoodFood

Chicken wings
Sazon Goya seasoning (I used the kind “con azafran”)
Roasted Potato seasoning mix
Hot Sauce
Garlic Powder
Olive Oil

What you do:

Boil the chicken wings in lightly salted water until they appear to be cooked through
Coat wings with olive oil
Add the remainder of the ingredients to the chicken and coat evenly throughout (the amount of the ingredients used will depend on personal preference. I’m a fan of spicy food, so I may have added more hot sauce than others would prefer – however I will say that the Sazon Goya and the Roasted Potato seasoning are the stars of the show and more of these two ingredients should be added than the others)
Broil on low until the wings have a nice crisp, brown skin

My first try at Sazon chicken with basil ©JohnnaKnowsGoodFood

I was more than satisfied with my experiment in the kitchen. It gave me the confidence to make a vow to continue to play around with Mexican and other exotic spices to give my senses new cultural experiences until I can save up enough American Airlines points to book a cheap flight abroad.


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