Cater or Not to Cater? That is the Question.

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Corner Bakery Caters Renee's Sips & Bites

Corner Bakery Caters Renee’s Sips & Bites

We are well into the holiday season and time is a commodity at this point in the year!  Take the hard work out of hosting a party and have it catered.  This is exactly what I did recently when I decided to invite a few friends over for sips and bites and used Corner Bakery’s catering service.  There are a wide variety of choices to meet all your guest’s needs from the pickiest eater to the foodie snob.  My guests were all pleased with the sandwich combinations and I have a few requests for where I got those variations.  The variety sandwich box is the answer!  It was not a box of your typical turkey and cheese slapped between two pieces of bread, rather chicken and apple salad and chicken and goat cheese spread were the fixings lying between those slices of bread.  It paired so perfectly with the edamame salad (*needless to say, my waistline is happy…).

Corner Bakery often boasts how good their catering service is, but I had to try it for myself to believe the hype.  If I was thinking, I would have snagged a shot of my table after the gathering (*above is a pic of the spread).  There was nothing left to meet the eyes or mouth.  That should give you a clear indication that the hype is real.  Relax, leave the food prep to someone else and Happy Holidays!

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