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[ 0 ] November 15, 2013 |
Image via Tel'Veh

Image via Tel’Veh

Working in DC has its perks. Yes, the traffic is bad and parking is non-existent, but once you get here there is a world of possibilities. My new after work spot is Tel’Veh. I always knew I liked oysters but never knew I had such a love for them until I went to Tel’Veh. I recently went to Tel’ Veh for a happy hour and had oysters and wine. I started with a dozen to share. Boy, did I ever make a mistake! No more sharing for me. I need a dozen to myself. The oysters are raw which is the best way to have them in my opinion. However, for those of you who veer away from raw oysters, have no fear, they do NOT taste like they are fresh out of the ocean. I am not saying they are not fresh because by all means they are. they just don’t have that bottom of the ocean after taste.  You know that flavor you taste when you ea some raw seafood and it tastes like they marinated it in fresh ocean water right before it arrives at your table?  You don’t have to worry about that at all.  You can top off you oysters with a sprinkle of vinaigrette and spiky cocktail sauce.  What more does a girl need.  Oh yeah, wine!  They have that covered also.  No mater you preference of wine, they have a full bar of selection so there will definitely be something to tickle your fancy.  It is located a few short blocks away from the Gallery Place Metro which makes it very convenient.  However, if you drive you should not have a problem either.  Since it is not right in the heart of Chinatown, it is surrounded by mostly office buildings and apartment homes so I did not have trouble with parking at all.  This is the perfect after work, away from the hustle and bustle kind of place.

If wine and oysters are not enough for you, here is the full menu.  Check out some of the upcoming events below!

Tel’Veh Wine Masterclasses: 

Second Wednesdays, starting November 13th  |  7:00pm to 9:00pm  |  $45

House Sommelier César Valez journeys through wine basics with guided taste tests of grape varietals, hands on experience for matching the subtle aromas found in wine, differentiation of old world and new world wines, wine label reading & ordering, cork vs. screw caps and much more.  Classes are two hours in length.

Tel’Veh Oyster Classes:

First Wednesdays, starting November 6th  |  7:00pm to 9:00pm  |  $45

Daniel Beck of The Oyster Company, brings over 23 years of industry shellfish experience to the masses; with lessons in oyster history, flavor profiles and wine and meal pairings.  Classes are two hours in length.

Live Jazz: 

Every Thursday Tel’Veh will feature live soloists, duos or trios playing a wide assortment of classic, Brazilian, smooth and Afro-Cuban jazz to further enhance it’s ambiance.  Performers have been chosen from across the region to fill the winter roster starting Thursday, October 24.

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