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Cravings can be the worst when you don’t have access to what you want.  Cravings when you write about food and live in the DMV are the best because they’re almost always fulfilled.  A couple weeks ago I experienced a little withdrawal after returning from the warm climate in Trinidad.  Warm weather for some strange reason equates to grilled food and hot dogs in my head.  Lucky for me before I invested in a cheap package of Ball Park franks, I received an invite from DC Socialite to visit Bold Bite Dogs & Fries in Bethesda. #Winning

The DC

Looking forward to a casual, serene night of hot dogs with simple toppings I was pleasantly surprised by Bold Bite’s menu.  The Bold, The Naked and The BLT struck my interest before I decided on The DC and a special dog from their Show Dogs menu featuring shredded tortilla chips, guacamole and pico de gallo on top a piping hot grilled dog.

From the Show Dog menu

These hot dogs are truly good.  I know the hesitation in your mind right about now “It’s just a hot dog?”.  No, these are actually hot dogs with some serious TLC.  With much of the products being locally produced, you might not fare better doing this at home unless you plan on visiting the farmers market for toppings on your hot dogs.

Whipped Topped Fries

The hot dogs were not the only part I thoroughly enjoyed.  The fries were topped with house-made whipped toppings of wine, truffle and chili spice.  When offered a small tray of the typical toppings, I became a French fry snob and stuck with the truffle whipping cream.  As if I had not filled myself to capacity, I did not pass up the opportunity to try one of their signature ice cream sandwiches.  I would have to say my sweet tooth was not yearning for more the way it was for one of those Show Dogs.  I’ll stick to the savory on my next visit.

Bold Bites is on my fave of the moment list in Bethesda these days.  Some may say it’s because they fulfilled a craving request but I say they truly understand the passion of a hot dog lover.

P.S. Vegetarians they have a dog for you too.

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  1. Sounds worth checking out, thanks!

  2. L. Denise says:

    The guy and I will have to check this out soon.

  3. Johnna says:

    Yes! @ichoosethesun and @L. Denise, you will really enjoy..especially their Show Dogs menu…I might make my way out there tonight…

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