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Rogue 24 Menu/Minibar's "Bloody Mary"

My readers are the best.  They come to me, ask me for suggestions and give me the feedback I need to stay abreast of what is loved and what needs a facelift.  One of my loyal readers recently visited Rogue 24 and shared with me their experience taking the opportunity to juxtapose it beside the comparable Minibar restaurant.  I had to share. Check it:

I LOVED Rogue 24—Even though it is about 35 more people than Minibar, it is a much better experience.

Why I like Rogue 24 over Minibar:

-Though Rogue has fewer courses than Minibar, Rogue still has more food

-Minibar seatings are 2 ½ hours, whereas Rogue is 3 ½ hours (more time to eat, digest and enjoy the company of the person you are with)

-Pairings were included in price and included two cocktails, beer, wine and champagne

-You could eat at your own pace. No one comes to your table with a plate unless your previous plate has been cleared.

-The seating arrangement is much more comfortable than Minibar—no putting my feet up on chair rungs or having my feet dangle.  The table (*for two) was about a ½ size larger than a café table which gave us plenty of room for all of our glasses (*and elbows ;-))

-I could actually hear the description of what was being served to me. At my last visit to the Minibar, the restaurant was so noisy that half the time I could not hear what the chefs were describing to us and it was frustrating to continually ask them to repeat themselves.

-Getting the reservation:  Though Rogue currently has a two-part process for its reservation process, e.g. you have to pay through Gilt City and then take your Gilt City confirmation and make a reservation through City Eats, it really beats having to call at 10:00 a.m. every morning to get a reservation for 1-2 months out for the Minibar.

The only things I did not like:

-The music was too loud at certain points. If it were some type of Jazz—maybe that would have been OK, but this was some type of techno music that made me feel like I was in nightclub.  I think somebody may have complained because it seemed to only last for 30 minutes.

-It was drafty in the restaurant. Even after having several drinks, I was still a little chilly and had to keep my jacket on most of the night.  The wait staff, however, immediately offered me a pashmina which I declined. I am not the cold type and had on a long-sleeved thin knit shirt. Perhaps if I had worn a cashmere or wool sweater, I would have been fine.

*Prices $185 per person which includes pairings. (*Around $490 for two including tax and tip)

Officially *excited* for my visit to Rogue 24.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Interesting – do you know if he/she visited during the Rogue Sessions, and if so, who the chef was?

  2. Johnna says:

    @Lisa, yes, they did Rogue Sessions with Chef Tim Byres, one of the owners of a Dallas based restaurant called Smoke.

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