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Entering The Jefferson Hotel commands an heir of grace and classic sophistication.  Careful to pull out my best attire for the occasion, I ventured in yet again for a night with three of my fave food bloggers and one beloved food connoisseur.  This time the visit was not to learn the proper etiquette on tea but to see what was hiding inside the restaurant Plume.  Plume is one of those places where celebrations are had, engagements are made and bottles of champagne are right at home on almost all of the tables.

Lobster "Thermidor"

The menu, like the hotel, takes me on a journey down memory lane.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to order it: Lobster Thermidor. What a throwback?!  Lobster thermidor is almost obsolete on restaurant menus much like the Polaroid is to the camera.  To find it on a menu and with execution that reminded me of some of my most pristine dinners back in the early 90’s (*yes, my palate was developed early thanks the ‘rents) came as quite a surprise.

"Green" Eggs and Ham

The Green Eggs and Ham was not what I had envisioned which turned out to be a good thing.  Mushrooms, baby potatoes and ham foam were followed by the raw and cooked vegetable salad.

Raw and Cooked Vegetable Salad

After receiving rave reviews on this salad, I was curious to see how simple lettuce and dressing could excite me more than the typical house salad.  Surprisingly, when you combine an asparagus marmalade, truffle and Verjus Dressing, you are no longer in house salad zone rather this is placed in a class of its own.

Dessert Plate (*Lemon Cotton Candy River)

Stuffed, I thought I would end things with small nibbles of the dessert plate which was highlighted with a Lemon Cotton Candy River, I could not resist the cheese.

Cheese Course/Madeira

The plate was brought out to share with four people and I am sure I ate at least 80% of the cheese sharing plate.  Served alongside 1957 Madeira (*D’Oliveira, Tinto Negra Mole, “Old Wine”), I think I could have taken in about five more rounds.

Plume is one of the few restaurants in D.C. that still maintains that ambiance requiring a dress code.  Visions of the Rat Pack come to mind and I am actually excited for my next visit.  This time I’ll have my Louboutin’s in tow, it’s only right.

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