World Tour: Happy New Year!

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2012 is upon us and many people will welcome the new year with resolutions that they wish and hope to commit to. Well I am suggesting some resolutions to add to your list. I challenge you to resolve to treat yourself and your taste buds to ‘newness’ in the new year. Try new recipes, try that dish that you didn’t like the first time cooked a different way. Release your tight grip on those American Airlines points and book a flight to a place you’ve never been – just to indulge in a new cooking style or a restaurant famous to just that area. If you’re a white wine drinker, dare to dabble in red or if you prefer a nice cognac to help you unwind at the end of a long day, try a nice chilled vodka martini instead. Allow your senses to explore and take advantage of all the great food and drink that are at your disposal. If you’re already a lover of ‘newness’ and trying new things, don’t stop – encourage others the same! You’d be surprised at the newfound faves that you can acquire by simply trying something new.

We at Johnna Knows Good Food wish you nothing but joy, safety and good times with great food, drinks & people to welcome this new year. And don’t forget to cook up something that swells as a good luck charm to bring you great fortune in the new year.

Cheers to a terrific 2012!


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