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Happy New Year! JKGF is back from a much needed vacation that was long overdue.  I have been eating carelessly and allowing my kitchen to collect dust.  While I was on a bit of a hiatus, my mind was wandering in and out of what I want this year for the blog.  Of course, Etiquette Tuesday is here to stay but I also want to implement more comprehensive lists (*of course, food related) beginning with this one: five trends that will hopefully stay in 2011 and five trends that will hopefully grow in 2012.  For the trends that I wish would stay behind, this is not to say I did not enjoy every succulent moment but they need a rest for now…let us miss them and then come back with a bang. Now for these trends…

5 Trends to Leave in 2011:

1. Cupcakes.  We honestly have enough cupcake shops/bakeries, food trucks and in-home delivery cupcake services to last a lifetime.  Enough already.  We love the miniature baked goods but it’s time for a new handheld treat.

2. Small bites.  I love a good tapas spot but when your paying $15 for a pizza that’s the size of a small child’s hand, this is where things just get ridiculous.  Tapas is not for every cuisine, some places really do Need to offer the regular size portions, isn’t that the point of going out for some good ‘ole comfort food??…

3. Frozen Yogurt.  I love, love, love Froyo and I think this alongside the 10+ yogurt shops that have popped up around the District area are sufficient to serve our needs (*I’m sure other regions around the country have seen their fair share of yogurt shops pop up as well).  What about adding some old fashioned ice cream shops to the mix? Just a thought.

4. Secret supper clubs.  I’m all about amazing food but not when I have to perform Mission Impossible tasks just to get on the reservation list.

5. Haute Dogs.  After being in Chicago, there are very few places that can make a hot dog stand outside of its stereotypical ballpark food genre.  Throwing on a massive amount of toppings does not make for a “haute” dog, it is the combination that makes it stand out from the rest.  Let’s be more creative here and cook the hot dogs properly (*unreal but it happens) or leave this trend behind…

5 Trends that will hopefully grow in 2012

1. Locally produced foods.  This was huge in 2011 but I’m hoping everyone will make it a priority to visit at least one local farmers market this year.  Local produce is absolutely amazing and whether you believe it or not, you can actually taste the difference.

2. Southern Fried everything.  Thanks to Euro RSCG and CEO/trendspotter, Marian Salzman for this trend, which is turning everything from butter to pickles into a fried delicacy.  Fried pickles are my absolute new obsession, I hope to see them on every comfort menu I come across this year.

3. Chefs in Schools.  Times have certainly changed when you have professionally trained chefs preparing your lunchtime menu in the 7th grade.  I have disturbing memories of the food that was served in my high school cafeteria and I can assure you my lunch lady cared very little for the nutritional value in our food.

4. The Vegan lifestyle.  I am in no way close to vegan, but I love to hear and learn more about the benefits of this lifestyle.  Maybe one day…

5. Non-American brunches/breakfasts.  Who doesn’t love a good fix of eggs, bacon and waffles for breakfast?  I love the American breakfast but now I find myself gravitating towards Chile Rellenos topped with fried eggs on the brain for Saturday brunch.  Fingers crossed that all of the various cuisines will find a way to serve up their morning delicacies.

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Johnna French is a Harlem NY native with deep roots in Panama, Washington, DC and North Carolina. All four places have heavily influenced her life and the foods she loves today. After graduating Howard University School of Law and beginning her life as a young professional in the city she was led to start Johnna Knows Good Food in November 2007 to keep family, friends and colleagues updated on where to go and what to eat while dining in the nation’s capitol. French, who still practices law, leads a team of three writers to cover the ever expanding Washington, DC food scene. French has been featured in print and television, appearing in Washingtonian Magazine and is a regular contributor to various local TV affiliates including WUSA 9, FOX 5 DC and WJLA (ABC Affiliate) News Channel 8. During the 2016-2017 football season, Johnna aired on Comcast Sports Mid-Atlantic (CSN) show, Redskins Life, as the weekly tailgate host. Johnna is currently a regular contributor to the FOX Baltimore Weekend morning show.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Yeah. Enough with the cupcake shops. I love cupcakes, but more than half of these places leave much to be desired, especially in DC.

  2. PLS says:

    Forget chefs, if they would just serve fresh food in school that would be a big step toward good nutrition!

  3. Crimedog says:

    Love the trends list! On a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina had an opportunity to try deep-fried peanuts that are eaten in their entirety, both the shell and nut…BBQ and Cajun flavored.

  4. Johnna says:

    My goal is try to get more locally produced foods…they are amazing!

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