World Tour: “All this Paella!”

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Who would have thought that my inspiration for a post would come from Seinfeld?  After all, it is a show about nothing.  However, after one particular episode in which George and his parents rave on and on about a huge pot of ‘payaya’ that Jerry’s parents refuse to go over to enjoy, I became curious.

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Paella is a Spanish dish, credited to the Valencians, made from an assortment of ingredients depending on the type of paella that you are preparing – variations include Valencian, seafood and mixed among others.  While the ideal paella experience would probably involve purchasing an airline ticket to Spain or visiting a nice, authentic Spanish restaurant, this dish seems like the type that you could really have a good time trying to prepare at home.  So I suggest letting those United Airlines points build up and hunting down a recipe for paella that makes your mouth water.

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