World Tour: Next Stop. Jamaica.

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“Better da belly bust dan food waste” was the only thing I could think of as I indulged in several authentic Jamaican dishes this past weekend.  The Jamaican proverb, meaning one should consider eating until the point of bursting before wasting food, was taught to me by a Jamaican friend of a friend.  This friend also introduced me to variety of Jamaican treats, including ox tails, rice and beans, plantains and my favorite- jerk chicken.  The undeniably bold and distinct flavor of all of the dishes that I tried definitely inspired me to push Jamaica up on my list of desired destinations. The experience also changed my mind from the idea of finding a nice resort in Jamaica to booking an American Airlines plane ticket and then traveling on land to find a more intimate, non-touristy area that would serve up an endless supply of my newly discovered food faves.

As excited and anxious as I am about the idea boarding a flight to Jamaica, I’m comforted to know that I now have a local connect to some authentic Jamaican cuisine.

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