Etiquette Tuesday: The Real Housewives Head to Capitol Hill

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I avoided this topic for Etiquette Tuesday for weeks but two weeks ago took the cake.  Many of you do not know I have a guilty pleasure for reality TV.  If it is a Real Housewives, My 600 lb. Life and/or Kardashian shenanigan to be seen, I have certainly seen it.  It is the ultimate decompression from the real “realities” of life.  My most recent obsession is slowly but surely becoming The Real Housewives of Potomac.  I find it hilarious that they have chosen to focus the plot of this particular Housewives spin-off on etiquette.

Anyone who knows a little bit about Potomac knows that the premise is right on with the “Do’s & Don’ts” according to the mucky muck of this area.  The thing I find hilarious is how the series has almost somewhat turned proper etiquette into an elitist way of life.  Etiquette and elite are not equals.  Knowing how to act, which is essentially etiquette, does not attach itself to wealth or power.  You can be the poorest person in America and know how to carry yourself better than some of the “elite” I have witnessed on and off of reality television.

It was one particular scene that inspired this weeks Etiquette Tip.  Ashley Darby decided to invite the ladies into her world of drinking by inviting them to a bourbon tasting.  Upon arrival Gizelle Bryant (who is probably my favorite on this show alongside Robyn Dixon) says something to the effect of how she never comes to this part of town and by her demeanor/tone, it gives the effect that this is a seedy part of town.  For people who do not live in D.C., you could believe this but for those of us who know these parts, this was one of the most ludicrous depictions of where Ashley had invited them.  They were at Barrel, which is about six blocks north of the Capitol!  The amount of wealth dripping around these parts could easily go to bat with some of the wealth found in Potomac making it damn near one of the most “seedless” parts of the city.

Sure the scene and vibe is a little more rustic and less white linen service can be found around these parts but by no means does this make it is any less exclusive than anything going on in Potomac.  The etiquette tip of the week is:  know before you go.  Knowledge is a huge part of etiquette and sticking your nose up at anything going on near Capitol Hill is like saying you have no idea how this town works.  The “real” action and power is all around these parts.

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