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Etiquette Tuesday:  Move on.
[ 0 ] July 22, 2014 |

Etiquette Tuesday: Move on.

I have been seeing a lot of this lately:  the uninvited wedding guest.  Honestly, I have been guilty of this myself by adding on a plus one to my wedding invite not knowing that this little block of space is only for my name and not two.  I, however, will refrain from asking for a […]

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Good Deed Tuesday:  Yes! Cents for Change
[ 0 ] July 15, 2014 |

Good Deed Tuesday: Yes! Cents for Change

Miriam’s Kitchen is an initial beneficiary of Yes! Organic Market’s new “Yes! Cents for Change” program. This initiative will donate five cents to local non-profit organizations each time customers shop with their own grocery bags. “Miriam’s Kitchen and Yes! Organic Market both know the value of fresh food and sustainable practices,” said Chef Emily Hagel, […]

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Etiquette Tuesday: Channeling My Inner Gordon Ramsey
[ 0 ] July 8, 2014 |

Etiquette Tuesday: Channeling My Inner Gordon Ramsey

The last time I was in the city I had the bright idea to visit Doug E. Fresh’s spot in my neighborhood.  Mistakes that will not be made again start with this one.  Doug E’s Fresh Chicken & Waffles is supposed to be a casual dining spot inviting the majority of their guests to carry […]

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Etiquette Tuesday:  Socks, please.
[ 6 ] May 27, 2014 |

Etiquette Tuesday: Socks, please.

Thanks to my Aunt Belle for this week’s Etiquette Tip.  Do you have some socks for me to put on when you ask me to take my shoes off at your house?  I have been to one too many homes where the resident asks you to take your shoes off but they have the nastiest […]

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Etiquette Tuesday:  Discretion.
[ 0 ] May 20, 2014 |

Etiquette Tuesday: Discretion.

Continuing the conversation on tagging photos, what about the photos that should never make it to social media in the first place?  This week’s Etiquette Tip is discretion, discretion, discretion.  Discretion is key in the social media realm.  Where the world wide web shows us that the six degrees of separation is a real thing, […]

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