Where I’m Eating: With My Personal Chef.

[ 3 ] January 22, 2015 |
Image via Range and Reef

Image via Range and Reef

With a PhD in agriculture, Chef Jim Holderbaum left his job to pursue his passion as a personal chef.  Chef Holderbaum has traveled to more than 60 countries taking in cooking methods, flavors and food presentations that inspired him to start the new dining/catering concept called Range and Reef, serving Washington, DC, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore towns, Delaware, and all surrounding areas in DC, MD and VA.  Check out his lobster skills in the picture on the right.  Yum.

Chef Chris Hackett, is the man behind the method at Indulge Catering.  When a friend decided to do what I call, an “Adult Birthday Party”, and hire a personal chef for the food, I was introduced to his talents.  Talented he is, Chef Hackett served up slow roasted ribs, roasted brussel sprouts spiked with bacon and lobster corn chowder martini soups.  Creativity must run in the family, Chef Hackett’s brother, Chef Michael Walters, is keeping things fresh at Mount Vernon Square’s Silo.  More info on how to get in Indulge at your next gathering can be found by emailing IndulgeCatering2012@yahoo.com.

Needless to say I love the talents at The Kitchen at Blue Creek and Chef Gregory Booth still has me mesmerized by the way he seamlessly handles whipping out fresh pasta.  Besides fresh pasta, Chef Gregory sticks to familiar dishes with a splash of his own artistry to wow guests.  When he’s not cooking it up for one of your favorite celebrities around the country, he is here in the DC area making it happen at Blue Creek.  Get more deets here.

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  1. Elaine Becker says:

    Indulge Catering uses food from previous events. I watched Chris serve the same shrimp two days in a row. I know for a fact he reuses food. Gross. I notified health department. You should be aware of this, talk with him about this because its disgusting.

  2. Johnna says:

    Ohh wow! Did not know this. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. CHris Hackett says:

    Where did this comment come from? I am respectfully responding to this because who wrote this doesn’t know me at all!!! I hope that whomever you Elaine Becker could surface to your in human flesh. Because please tell everyone where we have even met! Johnna please don’t believe such nonsense. I have been stalked by clearly a hater that refuse to associate with however. I have a legal team researching there IP address because this isn’t the first time that fake comments are with plenty similar ways in use of verbiage. So please understand that I am pressing charges once we find whomever keeps doing this.

    Also, I am apologizing for having some put this nonsense on your website

    Please contact me as well

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