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Rose's Sesame Fried Chicken

Rose’s Sesame Fried Chicken

I see why the wait list is so long at Rose’s Luxury:  the food is really that good.  Creative and unique in its presentation, Rose’s stays in the lines by simply recreating American favorites.  I like to think of this place as a spot you go to when you want food with a facelift.  Take the fried chicken, for instance, which is paired with sesame seeds but they do not hesitate to bring out the Tabasco as an accompaniment.  The menu changes frequently so I am not going to spend too much time telling you about what I had on my visit, I want to share with you the experience.

The best way to do Rose’s Luxury is the private rooftop experience which is $125 a pop excluding gratuity and beverages.  This is definitely a dinner for either your “foodie” (for lack of a better word, ugh) and/or your friends with a little extra change to play with on dinner.  Anyone who is tick for tack with the bill when you normally go out should be excluded from a night on Rose’s Luxury rooftop.  The dinner invites the very characteristics of the restaurants namesake.  Bliss surrounded by a floral garden and being served dish after dish, drink after drink, is the best way to describe the rooftop experience.  On this particular night, I dined with a few of my favorites in the food industry and enjoyed hours of good conversation and of course, food.

Can’t think of 8-10 people with this eagerness for top notch service and food?  The bar is my next favorite space in Rose’s, which is situated on the second floor and offers up most of the goodies that you will find on the rooftop.  If you feel the need to wait, the seating chart could get a little tricky on a Friday or Saturday, so aim for the middle of the week.  For the rooftop reservation?  Yeah, about that… you will need to have someone tapping those fingers on speed dial when the lines open up on Monday mornings at 11 am for the rooftop space.  A three to four week wait is not uncommon.  I can assure you, however, it is worth the wait.

Rose's Luxury Rooftop

Rose’s Luxury Rooftop


Rose's Gnocchi

Rose’s Gnocchi


Rose's Popcorn Soup

Rose’s Popcorn Soup


Rose's Signature "Messy" Salad

Rose’s Signature “Messy” Salad 

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