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Da Silvano Bolognese

Da Silvano Bolognese

There are few reasons these days that I venture downtown when I go home for the weekend.  With the expansion of restaurants, lounges and speakeasy’s in my Harlem neighborhood, there is really no need for me to make the trek down to the Village the way I did in my younger years.  When I got wind of Italian food that was making the celebs flock to the West Village for this destination on a daily basis, I had to make that trip down.  Da Silvano is no spring chicken, the place has been around since 1975.  It is new to my repertoire because I now finally have the funds to dine at a spot like this when I am in the city.  I see the appeal of the place and here are five reasons why one should visit Da Silvano:

Da Silvano Octopus

Da Silvano Octopus

  1. The food is good.  As my namesake boasts, I know good food, and this is the good stuff.  Bolognese that could beat some of the best homemade versions, Da Silvano prides itself on this dish and rightfully so.
  2. The people watching.  Want to see and be seen?  Everyone and their mama is in this spot and there’s even a separate dining room where the bar is located that is good for loud groups and the like.
  3. The prices.  For a place that Rihanna and the Carter’s spend a lot of time dining at, a dinner at Da Silvano can run you well under $50.
  4. The service.  The staff is extremely attentive and interested in providing you with a relaxed, fulfilling dining experience.  Everyone greets and bids you farewell on your trip there.
  5. Silvano.  The owner, Silvano Marchetto, is the reason this place is run like a smooth engine.  He spent most of my trip laughing and chatting it up with the guests, in between shots of course.  His jovial personality makes you feel like you are literally sitting in his house for a meal.  At one point a potential customer came in and said she wanted to be seated in a spot where there was no music (the whole restaurant had music playing) and Silvano says to her “Do I come to your house and tell you to turn the music off?!” We had to LOL.  This is really his home.

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