Products We Love: The New Vending Machines.

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photo (13)Vending machines have certainly received a facelift.  Long gone are the days of 8 oz. canned sodas and stale potato chips.  Check out five new treats being offered down the chute:

1.       Farmer’s Fridge (US): Farmer’s Fridge boasts healthy and delicious salads and snacks on-the-go via an automated kiosk.  Packaged in recyclable plastic mason-like jars and made fresh each morning, customers can choose from several salad options, as well as breakfast and snack items, each designed to offer various benefits of a healthy diet.

2.       Let’s Pizza (IT): Revolutionizing the hot food vending industry in less than 3 minutes , Let’s Pizza kneads the dough, forms a round, adds tomato sauce, layers toppings and then bakes it all in front of every customer. Let’s Pizza is basically a mini-pizzeria that’s open 24 hours a day.

3.       Moët & Chandon Champagne Vending Machine (UK): Located in the Selfridge’s department store in London, this Champagne vending machine holds 200 milliliter bottles for $29 each. Each bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystals and the machine uses robotic arms to deliver the Champagne safely to the customer.

4.       Corner Chips (BE): Outside of Brussels, Belgium, this unique vending machine is a diet-breaker. For €2.50, hot fries are delivered in 95 seconds with your choice of condiment including ketchup and mayo. Built with high-tech technology such as remote-management that lets its operator know when it’s almost out of potatoes.

5.       Beverly Hills Caviar (US): From $5 to $600, customers in Beverly Hills, CA now have access to the delicacy of caviar from a vending machine. The caviar is dispensed in a glass jar and has an expiration date of 365 days.

*This post is courtesy Farmer’s Fridge.

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