Etiquette Tuesday: Moment of Zen

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This weekend I racked up a ton of Etiquette tips and may not need any additional material for the rest of the year.  This week focuses on my top pick of the weekend:  think before you speak.  On Sunday, I attended an event that brings out the areas top restaurateurs, journalists, chefs, bloggers, etc.  The event was flowing with libations, Chilean hors d’œuvre and plenty of good conversation.  The awards ceremony begins and one of the award recipients thought this was the best time to express their feelings on the blogging community after emphasizing how hard they had to work to get where they were: “It’s not about the blogs!!”  I was just as confused as you are as you read the words on this screen.  Where did this come from??

Perhaps this person felt strong feelings about a particular blogger who had pi**ed them off or they wanted to emphasize that it’s not about the critics in perfecting their craft.  That is totally understandable but this would have been best saved for a more appropriate forum.  This was a time of celebration and not to mention, the room was filled with over 50% of the District’s blogging community.  As a food blogger, I face criticism daily with my credentials being constantly questioned.  There are some of us that simply start writing and end up like some of the angry Yelp reviews we read (*by the way I love Yelp, so this is not a criticism to them, but they do have ranters in some of those reviews).  There are also some of us that have spent extensive time eating, sleeping and drinking up all the knowledge we can about food to provide our readers with quality content.

Unknown to many why this statement was made, it served as the perfect stage for this week’s etiquette tip.  Think before you speak.  Whatever your feelings are about the blogging community, it’s like Twitter, it’s alive, well and probably here to stay as a source for getting various newsworthy items out to the world.  The funny thing is this little outburst would have been best suited for, maybe, perhaps Blogger??…  I’m just saying…

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  1. Mary says:

    “racked up a ton of Etiquette tips and may not need any additional material for the rest of the year.” LMAO!

  2. I bet many bloggers will be happy to spare this person and take their business elsewhere from now on!

  3. Johnna says:

    LoL @Mary!! Interesting times.

  4. Johnna says:

    @Jen, sounds like they redeemed themselves, the blogging community has been receptive to their apologies.

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