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For the past couple of Fridays, I have been sharing simple ways to dress up your holiday bubbly using Freixenet Sparkling Wine, (specifically the Cordon Negro Brut and the Cordon Negro Extra Dry) and offering great prize packs from Freixenet in the process. This week, you all will have TWO opportunities to win, as we still have not received entrants for last week’s giveaway. So, after jotting down this extremely simple suggestion for adding a burst of flavor to your sparkling wine, you should take full advantage of these opportunities to win.

Cordon Negro with Grenadine ©JohnnaKnowsGoodFood

Cherries & Grapes

Sometimes all you need is that little something extra to take you to the next level. The same deal applies to your bubbly! Try adding a splash of grenadine to your sparkling wine – just enough so that it turns your liquid a pale pink. The grenadine adds a subtle cherry flavor to the Cordon Negro that is a great complement to the refreshing, fruity character of this Cava. If you’re pleased with this combination, then you may want to try Cordon Rosado Brut. Try either this holiday season!

Giveaway Details: The first person to answer the following question correctly will win a Freixenet Friday prize pack, which consists of six elegant Freixenet fluted glasses as well as The Freixenet Social Survival Guide, a pocket reference guide for social situations: Where is the cava region located in Spain? Simply post your answer here or email me at Good luck!

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  1. Sounds yummy! The Cava region is in Northeastern Spain near Barcelona.

  2. Archele says:

    Thanks! & Great job!

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