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Corcoran Vineyards

Traveling cross country to wine country is no longer a concern.  I only learned it was not a concern last weekend after traveling to Virginia’s Wine Country.  I had always heard about Virginia’s Wine Country but can honestly say I did not trust that there was actually a legit wine scene.  Having traveled to Napa and Sonoma Valley and even venturing to South Africa’s wine country, I could not buy the idea that I actually had all I wanted in my backyard.  This scene is certainly legit.


Monks BBQ, Fried Pickles & Potatoes

Capital Cooking was the mastermind behind this plan for some of the areas top food sources to head out to Loudoun County for a day of tasting and touring.  We began the day at Corcoran Vineyards, which also has a brewery on site and BBQ via Monks BBQ.  Tucked away in what reminded me of an oversized barn were barrels and tanks filled with a few of my favorite things: Merlot and more Merlot.  Paired with Monks BBQ brisket and fried pickles, I took on a wine flight of their 2010 Rose, 2010 RAZ and finished things off with their Padawan Pumpkin (spiced Ale).

Hillsborough Vineyards

Back to the limo and on to Hillsborough Vineyards.  This.Place.Is.Beautiful.  It was a constant reminder of the scenary I took in while in Napa Valley.  High rolling mountains, perfect sunset views and secluded, Hillsborough is the definition of scenic wine country.  Not really a fan of Hillsborough’s white wine selections, I stuck close to the reds.  The Ruby 2006 with a deep blueberry flavor (perfect for pairing with a steak) and Onyx 2008 with robust raspberry and figs flavors grabbed my attention.

Sunset Hills 2010 Rose

Back to the limo and on to Sunset Hills to close out the day.  They had the key to flavor with most of their wines upholding pristine flavor.  I cannot say I tasted anything I did not like here especially when they pulled out the 2010 Viognier.  Spiced and thick, I lapsed into a grape coma.  Typically not a Chardonnay lover, I like the way Sunset Hills played with floral aromas and buttery flavor.

Tasting at Hillsborough Vineyards

The most enticing part of this day in VA Wine Country was not only the wine, but the price.  Most of the wine flights, which includes tastes of six (6) Reds or six (6) Whites, were priced at about $12.  Additionally, the bottle prices were as low as $20 and up to $32 per bottle.  It makes for a good day trip and totals under $100 if you factor in gas prices, which I highly recommend hiring a car service to go to and from wine country, it is about 45 minutes outside the city.  If you opt out of the car service, please have a designated driver.

Corcoran Brewing Padawan Pumpkin

Loudoun County Wine Country is an excellent way to escape the city scene and take in some fresh air and juicy grapes.  Even if you’re not a wine drinker, the scenery is worth it to venture out and nibble on some fresh cheese and crackers while watching the sunset beyond the hills.  The weekend field trip just got better…and closer.

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