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Archele's Sweet & Spicy Shrimp ©JohnnaKnowsGoodFood

Sometimes I get the urge to play around in the kitchen, and while I’m usually not sure what exactly I want to create, I know I want it to be something that I’ve never done before. So one evening, after coming home to a to-go menu from a local Chinese joint hanging from my door knob, I got the urge to play around. Mind you, I probably eat Chinese food once or twice a year and I haven’t included China on my list of destinations to use my United Airlines points on, but on this particular night, that menu sparked a hankering for the bold, diverse flavors that Chinese food often provides.

So I went to my kitchen and went to work. I combined honey, hot sauce and salt until I got a mixture that completely satisfied my taste buds. The result was a sauce that reminded me of the General Tso sauce that is often served on fried chicken bites at Chinese restaurants. Once I got my sauce right, I steamed some broccoli, which I seasoned with garlic and I sauteed some shrimp which I seasoned with Old Bay seasoning. Once my rice was done boiling, I mixed it all together and enjoyed a meal that was quite reminiscent of something I might be served at a local Chinese restaurant. Am I ready to take my talents, book a flight, and compare my cuisine to authentic Chinese food? Notttt quite. But it is nice to be able to make my own renditions at home.

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  1. Sounds delish…will have to try. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Johnna says:

    No problem, love the name “ichoosethesun”!

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