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Vermont Sugar on Snow

A couple of ladies on a food tour around the nation.  That is the best way to sum up my evening at America Eats Tavern.  Recently, I dined with two of my fave food champs in the area, Thrifty DC Cook and Pursuit of the Peacock.  Let me preface this post by stating that I am a devoted Cafe Atlantico patron.  I miss the place.  Latin food, Minibar in the corner…ok, I digress.  Though I have the eyebrow raise because Cafe Atlantico is currently incognito, America Eats is the reason I am a devoted fan of Jose Andres and his vision.

Lobster Newberg

Like my wardrobe, I like my meals to be full of mix matched pairings which compliment each other perfectly inviting compliments from the eyes and mouth.  This is where my journey begins with America Eats:  Grilled Butter Oysters, Shrimp Remoulade & Fried Green Tomatoes, Creamy Vermicelli, She Crab Soup and Lobster Newberg.  This only touches on about 60% of the dishes I sampled, I snagged a few tastes from the other ladies plates as well, but this sums up what I truly remember about the visit.  I like to say if I can remember how a dish tasted when I had it over two weeks from writing about it, then this is worth sharing with my readers.  The Lobster Newberg was that dish for me.  Juicy and tender, the typical characteristics of a good lobster and not drowning in heavy oils, grease or “special” sauces.

She Crab Soup

The Vermicelli was second runner up but I honestly felt like I could have whipped this up at home in about 10 seconds…in other words, it was nothing special.  The She Crab Soup was delicious and takes the first runner up prize.  The large chunks of crab were just enough to share the spotlight with the creamy Scottish seafood bisque.

Grilled Butter Oysters

The oysters were the perfect start to the meal with just enough butter lingering in the bottom of the shell for me to get my fat fix.  Sadly, I cannot remember the Shrimp & Fried Green tomatoes…this speaks volumes on my thoughts of the dish.

America Eats is a new restaurant concept by Chef Andres that celebrates American classic dishes with new twists and has been created to support the National Archives Experience exhibition program. The restaurant is only open for 6 months and all profits will be donated to the Foundation of the National Archives while the What’s Cooking Uncle Sam exhibit is on display.  Just another reason I love this project, a good cause comes from me stuffing my face.

I cannot say I am in love with America Eats Tavern but I can say I am in love with what it seeks to offer: a unique dining experience while taking a food tour of our nations most notable dishes. Oh and did I mention there was a good cause involved? Yeah, I am absolutely in love with this part.

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