World Tour: Gifts that keep on giving

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The summer months usually mean cashing in those United Airlines points and taking long and mini-vacations with family and friends.  Many people bring back key chains, t-shirts, shot glasses and lighters as souvenirs from their summer trips, but I would like to suggest bringing back gifts that can keep on giving.  I think that recipes are the perfect souvenirs to bring back from vacation.  Whenever you visit a new place, even if it’s just a couple of states away, you expose yourself to new culture – new people, new experiences and new food.  While you have to leave the people and the place behind when you board your flight or get in your car to return home, there’s no reason for you to have to forget about the good food you had the opportunity to experience.  Even if you go to a restaurant and you are unable to get the entire recipe, there’s nothing wrong with asking your server (or the chef) about the key ingredients used to prepare your dish.  So if you’re on vacation and preparing to return home, don’t return empty-handed.  Bring back recipes that can help you and your tastebuds relive your vacation over and over again.

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