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I’ve been making a list of things that I and my friends can do, as well as a list of things that I and my significant other can do this summer that will offer a memorable experience.  Of course, travel destinations were some of the first things I jotted down, but then I tried to consider things that we could do that wouldn’t require the purchase of airline ticket that would still provide a new, “out-of-culture” experience.  And then it came to me – cooking class.

Going to a cooking class would be a fun, new experience – especially when going in pairs.  Many places offer specialized classes, so if you know that your mate or your best friend is a huge Italian-food lover, rather than just taking them out to eat, take them to a place where they can learn and enjoy the techniques of that cuisine.  I plan on making a list of dates – one-two for each month this summer – when I can go and get a taste of another world and learn how to go about preparing exotic dishes in my own kitchen.  So if you want to surprise someone and you’re fresh out of ideas (and maybe lacking the funds to dazzle him or her with a flight to Paris) consider checking out a cooking class near you.

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