Food, Money and Cocktails

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A while back I reminisced over the mouthwatering hot dogs that I enjoyed while in Las Vegas at Pink’s.  Recently, I was talking with friends about our trips to Sin City and I was stunned at myself for neglecting to write about the unforgettable food that I and my friends enjoyed at Ellis Island.    Ellis Island is a quaint restaurant and casino that is only a short walk from the main Las Vegas strip.  While it appears to be a little dated, I think that’s part of the place’s charm – and I’m not the only one; every time I went (which was about 4 times in 2 visits) there was at least a 45-minute wait.  Luckily, just two feet away from the restaurant entry sit slot machines that serve as the perfect pastime.

While the food at Ellis Island is great and it does offer some old Western charm, the place does seem to be lacking of a couple of things like good service and the thrill of Vegas.  If I could take the food from Ellis Island and put it in a more appealing setting like that of Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, it would be the perfect combination.  Planet Hollywood’s casino has a modern, upbeat feel and the cocktail waitresses do a great job of keeping the drinks coming; however, the dining options don’t include anything that compares to the food of Ellis Island.  So this is my mission – on my next trip to Vegas, I will find a casino that offers the atmosphere and cocktail service of Planet Hollywood and the food quality (and great prices) of Ellis Island.  Because what would be more perfect than the satisfaction of good food, and the opportunity to play casino games that give the modern thrill of winning money and the enjoyment of good drinks?  At this point, I can’t think of too many other things.

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