World Tour: Super Bowl Sunday, an American holiday

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This Sunday, millions will gather in front of their televisions to witness Super Bowl 45.  As the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers study football film and go over plays, some folks will be preparing for their flights to Dallas, Texas and others will be stocking up on beer and preparing for traditional Super Bowl parties.

Need ideas for your Super Bowl party? Check out Episode #2 of JKGF for a great recipe to enjoy this Sunday.  For other dishes such as buffalo wings and dips, don’t be afraid to try your hand in the kitchen instead of catered or ready-made options.  Wanted to make it to the game this year, but couldn’t?  Enjoy this Sunday in the comfort of your own home with good food and great company.  Save up those American Airlines points, and you could be sitting front and center at the game next year.  Until then, go team and good eats!

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