World Tour: Start at the Airport!

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Picture via XGI Airport

As we all know, one of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to experience new and unique foods that different places and cultures have to offer.  Not only can you plan to visit quaint and local restaurants during your exploration of a new place but, if traveling via airplane, you can give your taste buds a jump start on vacationing by checking out new places as soon as your flight lands.

Many of us know the pains of layovers, but one positive thing about being stuck in a random city for two hours is that you are surrounded by shops and food that are significant representations of that place.  Of course, a local restaurant in the airport may not be comparable to a small, cozy spot tucked away in the heart of the city; however, it will offer something different from the place in which you first boarded your United Airlines flight.

Then there are the times when you hate to end your vacation.  The airport is your last moment to bid adieu to the cheesesteaks of  Philadelphia or to the cheesecake and pizza slice of New York.  As I said before, it may not be the same as the food that you find out in the actual city, but trust me folks, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut will surely still be at home when you get there. Try something different!

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