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Sunday is October 31st, the day largely recognized as Halloween- especially by citizens of the US, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Children in the States see this day as a time to strut their stuff in Halloween costumes and collect as much candy as possible, while different traditions are practiced in other places.  As with any holiday, each place has its own traditional treat that marks the true arrival of the occasion.  I thought it would be interesting to discuss a few of the treats traditionally made in celebration of Halloween each year in different places.

United States- Candy Apples, Toffee Apples (UK)

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Not only are candy apples the perfect remedy for a sweet tooth, but they can be also be fun snacks for the family to make together.  Very popular during Halloween, the core of this treat is a juicy apple and it is surrounded by a very sweet, hard, and usually sticky candy– just plain ol’ yumminess!

Ireland- Barmbrack

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Now, I’m not familiar with this particular Irish treat, but I’ve done a little research.  Barmbrack is a yeasted bread that has raisins and sultanas (“a type of white, seedless grape of Turkish, Greek, South African or Iranian origin” – via Wikipedia).  During Halloween, Barmbrack has different treats baked into it- each of which is used as a sign of things to come in the future.


Another Irish dish I stumbled upon that popular during Halloween is Colcannon.  It mainly consists of mashed potatoes and cabbage and the Irish traditionally used the dish as a hiding place for small coins during Halloween.

In addition to the United States and Ireland, Great Britain also has some popular Halloween treats, primarily Bonfire Toffee.   It’s amazing how different cultures embrace holidays and customize their own celebrations.  If funds, time and United Airlines‘ points permit, look into experiencing a holiday that you’re familiar with, but in the context of a new environment.  I’m sure the flight back will be filled with reflection and perhaps ideas of how to enhance your traditional experience.

Happy Halloween folks! Have a fun and safe weekend!

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