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Tomorrow is the day.  The streets of Lexington, NC will be crowded with people from near and far who want  to experience “The World’s Greatest Barbecue” at the 27th Annual Barbecue Festival.  All of the hype surrounding the event is much like that surrounding the North Carolina State Fair and the North Carolina Seafood Festival.  The root of the hype? The FOOD, of course!  Sure all of these events make for great family outings and are rich in culture and tradition, but the food served up at these events is a huge part of the bait that brings people back year after year.

North Carolina is definitely not the only place with such events.  Pretty much each town, city, county, state and country have something that its inhabitants, along with others, anticipate.  We all could enrich our lives and our taste buds by reaching out and experiencing unfamiliar traditions (and FOOD) in different areas.  If you have a long weekend, then do some research and get out and experience the food and events that draw people to a place that you may not be familiar with.  If you have some vacation days and a nice little stash of American Airlines points built up, then journey out a little farther.   I’ve done some research myself and found the International Festival scheduled to occur next month in Georgia (which is only a short drive and an even shorter flight away).  I’m sure we all could go for a new and different experience and maybe even get a few new recipe ideas.

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  1. Bryan says:

    That IS tempting and you have no idea how much a love a road trip! And BBQ would be totally worth it…. Really liking this redesign, Johnna.

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks Bryan!!

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