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First thing’s first- let me define “barbecue.”  In the context of this post (and the way I was brought up) “barbecue” refers to pulled pork that has been slowly cooked, seasoned, basted, chopped and consumed.  It’s insanely appetizing- especially when topped with barbecue’s “fine wine,” Texas Pete and followed by the liquid crack that is Pepsi Cola; and I’m not offering this combination because North Carolina just so happens to be the home of myself, the world’s best barbecue, Texas Pete hot sauce and Pepsi- it all truly makes for a divine combination. In any event, there will be tons and tons AND tons of this stuff in NC next weekend and I can barely contain my excitement 🙂

Next Saturday, the city of Lexington, North Carolina- aka “The Barbecue Capital of the World” -will host its 27th Annual Barbecue Festival.  This yearly tradition brings thousands and thousands of people from all over to the town of about 17,000 to witness the greatness that is North Carolina barbecue.  Spectators observe the NC Championship Pork Cook-Off, visit hundreds of vendors selling a variety of goodies, and let the kiddies play in the reserved areas, among other things.

I dare not think about a flight out of NC when all the fun will be right here at home next weekend.  I strongly suggest, however, that any food-lover that may have loaded up on his or her United Airlines points come partake in this HUGE tradition next weekend.   Even if you can’t make it to the festival, there are over 20 barbecue restaurants in Lexington and most all of the recipes share a common history that traces back to just two men who began the business of barbecue over 60 years ago.  So visit when you can and enjoy the “Barbecue Capital of the World.”

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