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With all the talk about traveling and foreign food finds that you find here every Friday, I thought it only appropriate to discuss a must-have travel buddy that every foodie should invest in- The New Food Lover’s Companion.  My manager introduced me to this food reference book, that lists and defines EVERYTHING- from the Italian word for water (acqua), to achar (“An East Indian word referring to pickled and salted dishes”), to items as familiar (to Americans, anyway) as s’mores.

It’s  more often than not for people trying out new foods to come across descriptions (AND pronunciations) of dishes and ingredients that are unfamiliar.  The New Food Lover’s Companion not only provides explanations and pronunciations for worldwide food-related terms, but it also explains ingredient equivalents, the food pyramid and food label terms.  So, in addition to your English-Japanese dictionary, the next time you book a cheap flight to Japan, be sure to take along your travel buddy as well. You’ll be glad you did when your friend suggests the agedashi and you can smoothly pull out your handy, dandy travel buddy  to find that it is “a Japanese dish of deep-fried tofu, served with daikon, katsuobushi (dried bonito tuna flakes), ginger and a dipping sauce made of soy sauce and mirin.”  Oh, the joys of convenience!

I’ve already placed my order for my travel buddy, so that when I’ve accumulated enough United Airlines points to skip town for a few days, I’ll have a the perfect travel buddy. Wine lovers should be sure to check out The New Wine Lover’s Companion.

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