World Tour: Jamaica in Greensboro, NC

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All that talk about Jamaica last week got me really excited about the Caribbean and trying new and exotic food.  Not only did I feed my excitement by doing a few searches for a cheap flight to the beautiful island, but I also sought out my new Jamaican friend and asked for a recipe or two to try out.  While waiting on him to send me a simple recipe to start, I decided to hunt down some local Jamaican cuisine.  I found Da Reggae Cafe, a quaint, local Jamaican restaurant in Greensboro, NC.  I found my experience with Jamaican food to be just as good the second time as it was the first time around. Attempting to venture outside of my comfort zone, I tried the steamed Jamaican Calaloo, which I will definitely be getting again- and soon!  My friend (a not so adventurous eater) stuck to the familiar Jerk chicken dish, which he has had and enjoyed many times before. 

With all of these positive experiences, I feel like I’m destined to hop on an American Airlines flight and touch down on Jamaican soil so that I can indulge in nothing but the island’s cuisine.  Should all go well with my attempt at the recipe that my friend gives me, it will be yet another confirmation that the island is waiting for me.

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