World Tour: A Little Piece of Ireland

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Recently, due to the coaxing of an old co-worker, I decided to try something different- Irish cuisine.  After visiting MCouls, a local pub in Greensboro, NC, I must say that it is definitely something that I will be trying again- I’m even contemplating hunting down a cheap flight to Ireland!  At MCouls, I found that many of the dishes were made with the most basic ingredients that, when combined, made for a memorable experience.  My order of the Irish Lamb stew was very soothing and filling.  The surprisingly tender lamb and the seasoned carrots, potatoes and broth created a perfect medley for a breezy early autumn evening.  A friend of mine- and a a very picky eater, I might add- went with wings.  At MCouls, a traditional wing appetizer was given an Irish twist, as a splash of Irish whiskey was added to the chicken.  The whiskey made a tremendous difference and gave the wings a bold, fun flavor.  The menu had plenty of other interesting sounding dishes, such as corned beef and cabbage, corned beef hash and crab-stuffed mushrooms.

Since my trip to MCouls, I’ve been anticipating my next taste of Irish cuisine and getting more and more antsy about my United Airlines points building up so that I can grab an airline ticket and experience some authentic foreign cuisine.

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