24 Hours in Taichung, Taiwan

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Taichung is one of those cities that you would likely visit second after visiting Taipei first.  I visited for 24 hours and can tell you there are several reasons that this city might be your first look into Taiwan before exploring other parts of the country.

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020
  1. The Lantern Festival:  Taichung has hosted the Taiwan Lantern Festival over the past several years.  Unfortunately, it is headed to another city next year, but I am sure it will return.  The central government in Taiwan decides where the festival is held each year and Taichung has been a mainstay.  The massive land filled with mountains and oceans makes it easy to see why this would be an attractive tourist hub and festival stomping ground.  The Taiwan Lantern Festival is in its 31st year and is one of the islands top festivals highlighting some of the countries top artists through lanterns.  
  2. The Geomei Wetlands:  The Gaomei Wetlands are a coastal wetland that was originally Gaomei Beach.  Affected by a monsoon, the beach was gradually blocked.  After the embankment, the sedimentation speed of the beach is accelerated and this pushes the formation of the wetland environment.  It is a natural peaceful, beauty to see.  Even on an overcast day, it was very relaxing to stroll along the boardwalk and peer out at the wetlands guessing which random animals will appear (they have multiple little winged and four-legged visitors).   
  3. National Taichung Theater:  Artistic in design and classic in nature.  The National Taichung Theater is just a cool place to visit even if you do not have time to catch a show there.  The artwork, quirky shopping in the VVG School and of course, the shows are reasons to visit this venue.
  4. Bubble Tea!  Bubble Tea aka Boba is a thing.  Like, this is a real thing.  People love to go for Boba from Taiwan to the Americas.  JKGF visited the originator of this tea phenomenon, Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House.  Bubble Tea is made up of tea, milk, sugar and tapioca balls.  Who knew this combination of ingredients would work so well together?!  They do.  I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find that the tapioca added to the taste and texture with subtly.
Views from the National Taichung Theater

Taichung is also known as “The Dazzling City” (the reason for this nickname is unknown).  Creating my own definition of why it is “The Dazzling City”, Taichung offers the metropolitan buzz of a big city with the nature walk of a rural town.  A tour of Taiwan should definitely include it on the tour stop.

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