Thinking of Purchasing an Instapot? Here are a Few Things to Know.

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From the time that the human race discovered fire and its many uses, one particular one that has stood out is its use for cooking. Since then, there have been various methods and ways of cooking ranging from the use of wood, charcoals, grilling, frying, stove, gas cooker, electric cookers or stoves. We even have cooking that is done through chemical reactions. This is means cooking without the aid of heat.

From merely heating and roasting food materials directly over fire, things evolved to the use of pots and pans. Since then, pots have also undergone significant changes so we now have variations that have no semblance to the first pots that were created.

Today, we will be looking at a modern innovation and a type of pot simply called instant pot.

The instant pot otherwise referred to as the Instapot Cooker is a multi-cooking electric pot which allows food to be cooked either slowly or quickly depending on what a person is trying to achieve. It is a combination of a pressure cooker and a slow cooker and it comes with extensive controls that allow you select the kind of cooking you want.

You do not need to worry about how much time, heat or pressure what you are trying to cook needs as it is already programmed based on the control selections you make. It works by creating heat under the tight seal cover at a temperature higher than that of boiling water. Due to the tightly sealed cover, steam cannot escape from the pot. The steam cooks the food quicker than traditional pots or oven.

You can adapt any recipe to the instant pot and limit or alter the cooking time when you pressure cook it. If you are new to cooking, using it may require some practice but eventually, you will get the hang of it. They have become a go-to kitchen appliance for home and professional cooks. Virtually every kind of food can be cooked much more quickly with them.

Pressure cooking with instant pots reduces cooking time by up to between 30 to 70 percent due to the heat and pressure. This however comes with some caveats. One needs to add the time it takes to reach needed pressure. This may be anything between 15- 20 minutes. Secondly, the type of food a person is cooking can also be a factor in how long the process takes. For more on this, get more information here.

Things to Know about the Instapot

When considering buying instapots, below are things you should know. 

They Are Safe

Before instant pots, what we had were the stovetop pressure cookers. When using these earlier cookers, it was possible to remove the lids while the cooking was still going on. As a result of this, the sudden release of pressure made a mess in the kitchen and in some cases caused some injuries. The Instant pots on the other hand are electric and have built-in safety features. You cannot remove the lid until the pressure has dissipated so there is a lower risk of mess and burns. They come with steam release valves. This must not be covered as it serves a purpose in releasing the pressure. It should also not be filled more than halfway as some space is needed for its optimal operation.

They Come In Different Sizes

Instant pots come in different sizes. If you need it in your home and probably cook just for your family, the 6-quart is a good size to consider. Larger families may use the 8-quart and for a crowd or party, the 10-quart size should work. There is also the smaller 3-quart size for cooking for about two people. Most people prefer this as a second option for cooking side dishes.

They Have Different Features 

Not all instant pots are the same. There are different models that have different features or options which may include:

  • Slow cooker,
  • High and low-pressure
  • Cake maker
  • Sauté/sear feature
  • Steamer
  • Warmer
  • Rice/porridge cooker
  • Yogurt maker

There are even some with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can get one that suits you based on your budget or what features you would want. For instance, using the sauté feature, you do not need to transfer your food after sautéing it in a pan to another for cooking. It does it all in the instant pot based on the setting. Another thing you may want to consider is the color, especially if you will be leaving it on the counter-top. You can check out a few more things will want to be aware of before making a purchase here:

Cleaning Your Pot

To clean your instant pot, just wash the lid and liner with soap and warm water or maybe run it through a dishwasher. Store the lid upside down to avoid the sealing rings trapping odors. A trick that works is using a little vinegar and lemon juice to remove odor from the sealing ring and liner.

When using it for the first time, do the initial tests as stated in the manual which maybe include heating up water. Next, you can try simple dishes before moving on to other recipes.

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