Authentic Greek Food Alert. (Seriously, It Is The Real Thing)

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Before the holidays, I visited Alfa Piehouse and tried super hard not to binge eat everything.  The temptation was real especially where all of the dishes are authentic Greek.  Authentic is an overused word in this town with a lot of places claiming to have the flavors of their touted country but failing to truly fit the bill.  Alfa Piehouse is the real thing with its history spanning over 60 years since its inception by Athanasios Koukoutaris.  Koukoutaris began creating pastries post-war and selling them across the world.  Now he has the brick and mortar to add to his expansive history and the menu to keep Washingtonians in here on a daily basis.  What to order?  Anything (It’s all good.)…but I know you are looking for a real answer so here goes it:

Any of the spinach Pies:  Flaky and filled with spinach and authentic Greek feta cheese.

Traditional Country Cheese Pie:  Be careful with this, it has the same effect of a bag of M&M’s and before you know it you are sulking over the fact that you ate the whole thing in one sitting.

Milk Pie (Galatopita):  Again, I am warning you.  This is just as dangerously good as the Country Cheese Pie except this involves butter and honey.

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  1. irina m says:

    we had the opposite experience.

    At around 2pm I got the daily soup (lentil) with the side salad. When trying to carry the plates outside, I had to go through a heavy door which I couldn’t handle so the soup spilled all over my arm, dress and shoe. The skin on my arm is still burning from the hot soup. Only one person came to my rescue and he was waiting to place his order. He offered all sorts of help and kept inquiring how I was. The stuff were just looking at me with no reaction whatsoever. When I bent down to clean my shoe I heard them saying “don’t worry, we will clean the floor”. That’s it!!!
    I had tears in my eyes from the burning, no reaction to that …
    The nice gentleman kept passing more napkins for me to clean up, I gave in and went to the bathroom to wash off. When I came out, the floor was somewhat clean, business was going as usual, the owner continued counting receipts at the communal table like no person was just hurt and her lunch ruined. So enough humiliation- I left and continue to nurse my arm and pride while working and still not believing of what had just happened and completely being ignored

  2. Johnna says:

    Oh wow, so sorry to hear that this happened to you!

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