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Making fresh preserves has been a long time interest of mine but I never got the chance or patience to finally do it.  That day arrived when Power Pressure Cooker XL™ from TriStar Products came to my front door and I was now forced to face what I had been procrastinating on for so long.  Again, I am reminded that things happen when they are supposed to happen.  The Power Pressure Cooker XL™ made my life a thousand times easier with its easy setup instructions and intuitive recipes.  The thing I had been worried about was what/how long/what exact temperature to get the preserves to for the perfect turnout.

The Power Pressure Cooker XL™ is electric, which sets it apart from other pressure cookers on the market that require you to use the stove.  If you follow my social media sites, you know how much I love my slow cooker and now I have the pressure cooker to match.  Standing over a hot stove is not my idea of reducing the pressures of cooking, which is why I shy away from stove-top products.

Interested?  Try the recipe below courtesy Power Pressure Cooker XL™ site.  Can them up and give them away as gifts.  This is going to be my new home door prize for guests.


Servings  4
Johnna's Blackberry Jam via Power Pressure Cooker XL™ from TriStar Products

Johnna’s Blackberry Jam via Power Pressure Cooker XL™ from TriStar Products


4  us liquid pint  Fresh Blackberries   
3  tbsp  Pectin Powder   
5  cup  sugar  
0.5    Lemon, juiced   
5  us liquid pint  Jars   
  1. Place the blackberries into the pressure cooker with the pectin. Press the CHICKEN/MEAT button. Add 2 cups of sugar at a time to dissolve.
  2. Once the sugar has dissolved let boil for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Carefully ladle the jam into the jars 1″ from the top.
  4. Using a flexible nonporous spatula gently press between the jam and the jar to release any trapped air bubbles.
  5. Clean the rims with white vinegar and seal.
  6. Place the jars into the clean inner pot and add water until the jars are covered 1/4 of the way.
  7. Press the CANNING/PRESERVING button and then press the TIME ADJUSTMENT button two times until you reach 20 minutes.
  8. When the time runs out and the steam has been released, remove the lid and carefully remove the jars using the canning tongs.

*Johnna’s tip:  Not feeling blackberries or they are out of season?  Try any fruit you like with this recipe.  

*Johnna’s 2nd tip:  Watch the sugar closely as it dissolves.  If you let it sit too long it can give your preserves a burnt taste.


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