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It is beach bod season.  The warmer weather has Washingtonians thinking of July 4th weekend before we can even get through Easter weekend.  The District is the best place to be if you are trying to get fit and trim where you cannot pass a block in this town without seeing someone running, biking or working out in some fashion.  The city is brimming with ways to eat right, the newest workout trends and a plethora of exercise groups.  For those looking to get it tight and get it right the Washingtonian way, here a few places where city dwellers are setting up shop.

  1. Orangetheory:  Think interval training on the treadmill plus a whole lot more.  The 60 minute workout includes you being hooked up to a heart monitor and boasts an increased metabolic rate 24-36 hours after you leave the session.
  2. SoulCycle:  If you are remotely in tune with workout trends, then you have definitely heard of SoulCycle.  Yet IMG_0339 (1) (2)another Washingtonian adopted trend from NYC, SoulCycle is the bass-thumping spin workout that is not only good for your cardio but for updating your playlist.  Done in a dark lit room and DJ style music playing, you feel like you are in the nightclub of spinning.  Pretty dope.
  3. CrossFit:  Remember the insanity workout?  Yeah, that is where your mind should head when thinking of doing CrossFit.  The workout that will surely get you the most out of your time, where the session is broken down into 20-minute intervals of working on various muscles.  Go in with at least some regular cardio in your fitness regime, this is not for the novice at heart.
  4. Solidcore:  I laughed the first time I tried Solidcore.  Are they serious??  They think this is humanely possible???  It is and is the most addictive workout if you can get past the first class.  Solidcore is like that old boyfriend that you really want to give up on but you just can’t shake it because the passion is flaming every time you get together.  This is the relationship that you will love to hate.
  5. Yoga:  Iyengar, Bikhram, Vinyasa and the list goes on and on.  Choose one.  Yoga is the new sexy.  You get your mind centered (and Lord knows there are more than a few folks walking around these parts with undiagnosed mental issues…) and you get your body right (after a few down dogs, you will see those thighs respond).

Naming your workout routine in the District is like naming where you work, you almost feel like you should have business cards for both purposes.  It is so ingrained in the culture and JKGF is loving it.  Not into committal relationships?  Try ClassPass, they have every class under the sun in their roster and for a fee you get to make your way to different classes and gyms in the area every day of the week.  Now let’s get these beach buns/bums together.

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