Playing Matchmaker for Negra Modelo

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Negra Modelo practically lives in my home because a certain someone loves it so an invite to see how it paired well with food was a no brainer.  With the help of Rick Bayless (Top Chef Masters Winner) and Chris Cosentino (Co-founder Boccalone), it was easy to come up with some top contenders to pair with a cold, icy Negra Modelo beer.  The chefs went head to head to create a couple of treats that included chili, which is an excellent match for the product.  The toasted flavor of Negra Modelo gives the chili a bolder flavor.  Chili does not need much more, especially if it is done right, but a toasted, smooth ending does help to balance the heat that should be present in each bite.

The dark color almost turned me off to the German beer, but what was inside the bottle has opened my eyes to the windows of opportunity.  Negra Modelo is inexpensive (found at my local grocery store), smooth in consumption and has just enough malt to let you know you are drinking a beer but sweet enough to stop the hairs from growing on your chest.  On this particular night, I learned this is a versatile beer that can be paired with your favorite beef cut and/or your vegetarian stuffed peppers.  Do not discriminate, Negra Modelo has many uses.

Who won the battle between the two chefs??  In my opinion, a truce was necessary.  With Negra Modelo the possibilities seem to be endless.

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