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20150111_135838I had the pleasure of testing out a recipe by Frank’s – the famous maker of your favorite hot sauce.  I received a copy of Frank’s new cookbook: “Cooking with Frank’s Red Hot” and was surprised to see all of the creative things that could be done with their sauces.  I learned that Frank’s now also makes other types of sauces, including a  “Red Hot” Wings Sauce.  It’s sauce or marinade made specifically for wings, chicken tenders or even burgers; it’s not just a condiment to top off your dish with.
So, as I looked through the cookbook, I opted for wings.  And, I had the perfect taste tester – my husband! He is definitely a  connoisseur of wings.  I think we pretty much order wings everywhere we go if they’re on the menu! But anyway, instead of the classic fried wing covered in sauce, I decided to try the “Baked Classic Buffalo Wing” recipe.  The instructions called for me to marinate the wings in the sauce for 30 minutes, along with some (a very small amount!) cayenne pepper and black pepper.  I was skeptical that the wings would have enough flavor with such a short time to soak up the sauce.  And, without the addition of salt – or anything else – on the actual chicken itself, I didn’t think the wings would have much flavor once biting in.
20150111_122816I baked the wings for 40 minutes at 400 degrees as the recipe said, but they still weren’t crispy enough for me, so I put them back in for about 10 more minutes until they browned just a bit more.  My husband loved the wings! He said they were very tasty and didn’t need anything extra to take them over the top.  I, on the other hand, liked the wings, but not quite in love.  The Wings Sauce really does penetrate the chicken in just 30 minutes.  I was surprised at the buffalo flavor.  However, I do think the wings need just a little bit of seasoning.  For me, once I bit into the wing and got to the meatier parts of the chicken, there was less buffalo flavor.  However, perhaps marinating for an hour or two would solve this problem.
In any case, this is a solid recipe, and I highly recommend Frank’s Wings Sauce!

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