Where I’m Eating: 3 Places, 1 Night.

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Ghibellina shears and Margherita Di Bufala Pizza

Ghibellina shears and Margherita Di Bufala Pizza

Last weekend I spent Friday and Saturday evening partially doing some research and partially socializing.  It revamped my love of a weekend night in the District.  How you can start in one place and end the night in a totally different atmosphere within a two block radius is one of those things that makes this city special.  


Ghibellina:  I had anticipated visiting this spot for quite sometime after hearing that you are supplied kitchen shears to cut your pizza.  The kid in me got really excited at being this interactive in my food delivery process.  The shears are fun but naturally the taste of the food was what would hold my attraction.  The pizza was cooked Neapolitan style with an old world twist, which is what the restaurant prides themselves on in this department.  Not over done, the pizza is the best on this side of town.  Hands down.  The tagliatelle was disappointing where it was overcooked and tossed with a ragu that had also spent a little too much time on the stove.  The pizza, however, is enough to get you going for the night especially if you can get a table in this spot.

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Swing Through

Two Birds, One Stone:  Ever been to a hipster spot in the East Village in New York?  This is what Two Birds, One Stone brings to the District.  Great place to swing through after dinner to take back a few drinks.  The chill, low key vibe makes you feel like indulging in deep conversation on conspiracy theory topics or the like.  Climbing back up those stairs after this conversation might be another story…the drinks are strong.  Order anything with their ginger and you will not need to accumulate a high bar tab that night, one is enough.


The Satellite Room:  This is the point in the night where you have decided to accept your hangover for the next day so keep the party going!  The Satellite Room is the place for your jeans, sneakers and the like.  Full of 20-somethings on a Saturday night, be ready to hear loud chatter and find yourself elbowing space at the bar for a drink.  It is all in fun and games, they literally have a few arcade games set up in the front should you want to test your Pac Man skills.

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Looking back over my weekend, how did I tackle all three??

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