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Picture curtosey of WWW.FLOBRANDS.COM

Picture curtosey of WWW.FLOBRANDS.COM

Just in time for the holidays, jazz musician, Marcus Johnson, introduces us to his new line of wine, FLO. FLO represents For the Love Of… For the Love Of what you may ask? Well, that is for you to determine. For me, it is For the Love of relaxing on a Saturday with soft jazz and friends. My favorite in his line is the Moscato. I am a lover of Moscato, but since it is a dessert wine, I have found some brands lean too far on the sweet side. FLO Moscato gives its customers a nice smooth, sweet balanced taste. If you are not a Moscato lover like myself, you can try the Chardonnay or the Red Blend. I tried all three and give them all two thumbs up. Of course, different occasions call for different wines. If you are having a pasta night, try the Chardonnay blend. It goes down smooth and is not overly dry. Click the link below to find FLO wine near you!

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