Etiquette Tuesday: Can This Wait??

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The holiday party is the time of year where all the real personalities come out.  After boozing up ’til the wee hours of the night and making all the jokes you’re too afraid to say in the office, the next morning all you typically want to do is sleep away the lucidness of the previous night.  This week’s Etiquette tip is really a question to the readers: What is the appropriate etiquette the night after?

Scenario: You and some of your co-workers have to travel on business during this time of the year and your supervisor decides you all should celebrate the holiday party in this destination location.  You toast, laugh and take that last shot at 1 am only to turn around to get on a flight at 8 am to return home with the rest of the team.  As you finally get that almost non-existent flight pillow in the perfect position and ease into REM (*Rapid eye movement), you feel a nudge.  It is your supervisor nudging you to talk about non-pressing work issues.  Is this bad etiquette?

I struggled with this one after reading about this situation primarily because on the one side you are still on the jobs clock though you’re flying through the friendly skies but on the other hand, “Come dude, can this honestly wait until we get back in the office?”  With much struggle on this issue, I ask my readers: What do you think is the proper etiquette in this situation?  Should you wake up eager to hear all about the lack of coffee in the break room? Or should your supervisor zip it knowing that last night ended with a bar tab of $1,000 worth of Patron calling for some much needed sleep?

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  1. Your friend in food says:

    Unfortunately that is how some supervisor’s roll. If someone is asleep and it is not an earth-shattering work idea or problem– dear supervisor, don’t try to mask your fear of flying or your boredom by discussing a mundane/ irrelevant work matter. While the foregoing is rude, if the employee does nor entertain the silly conversation, it will probably be held against them in the future. ( the latter probably goes without saying).

  2. Johnna says:

    True and since it’s on their dime, not much you can say to argue it.

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