World Tour: It’s that time of year again

[ 0 ] October 14, 2011 |

When summer breezes into autumn, many things take place – some enjoyable, and others not so much. The not-so-enjoyable things that I am referring to in particular are the spread of germs and the domino effect of sickness. Everyone is excited to get to restaurants and try out the new fall menus, businessmen and businesswomen are boarding flights to go to various conferences and banquets, office buildings are filled with potlucks and anyone who is anyone is attending the local fair to try the latest fried concoction, and all the while germs are running rampant! 

Do your part to help decrease the amount of sickness during the next few months. If you are preparing food or if you work around food, make sure your hands are clean and if you feel the slightest scratch in the back of your throat, handle it before it becomes something that could use up a company’s supply of sick leave. No one wants to enjoy a night out at a great restaurant only to not be able to taste anything for the next week because the chef had a sniffle that he didn’t tend to. And a company doesn’t want to purchase numerous airline tickets and make accomodations for 10 employees to visit a conference only to have 7 of them return with an unidentified illness because one of the banquet servers didn’t wash his hands. If everyone does his or her part to stay healthy and keep their families healthy, everyone will be alot better off – because everyone knows that food just doesn’t taste the same when you’re sick 🙂  So here’s to good food and good health!


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