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The rules behind buying a drink for the other sex go a little something like this: you buy the drink, exchange the common courtesies of life i.e. what’s your name, thanks for the drink, blah, blah, blah, nice to meet you (*at this point if exchanging numbers is your thing on the first meeting then do it at this point) and move on.  This Etiquette Tip is simple: Just because you brought the drink does not mean you own me for the evening.  Still, many need an education about this tricky situation.  Ladies might relate to this more than men. There are some men out there who feel when they purchase the drink for the evening that gives them full rights to chat you up for the rest of the night.  Now there has to be some dating skills intertwined in here i.e. knowing whether the person is totally feeling you and interested in maintaining conversation for the rest of the night but then there is the other side.  The other side is where the woman is here with friends and broke away from them briefly to chat it up with you but she clearly seems anxious to return to the friend circle.

Read the signs. It’s as simple as that when it comes to having etiquette in this area of dating.  On the flip side, the receiver of the drink should know good etiquette as well i.e. don’t just take the drink and walk away.  It was courteous of this person to show this small gesture so at the very least you can do the brief introductions (*disclaimer: unless they totally creep you out, in which case I suggest not accepting the drink at all at this point…).  After hearing the common complaint from some of my close female counterparts, I decided it was time to put this out on the table.  Buying a drink does not buy you my night on the town…be courteous, use this time as the initial introduction so hopefully there will be a next time.

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