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In our fast-paced and busy world, restaurants that offer quick, convenient meals have become more commonplace than ever. The land down under is no exception. Fast food chains in Australia are definitely a growing trend. In the United States there are several well-known fast food chains– McDonalds, Arby’s, Burger King, Subway, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, just to name a few. Although several American restaurant chains have expanded to other parts of the world, you may not realize that there are several fast food chains in Australia that don’t exist anywhere else. Whether you’re planning an Australian vacation on a budget, or you’re just curious about what some of the fast food chains in Australia have to offer, this article will highlight some Australian restaurants and menu options that are worth checking out.

Noodle Box

Influenced by the enticing flavors of South East Asian cuisine, Noodle Box has rapidly become one of the most popular noodle fast food chains in Australia. This franchise aims to provide healthy meals that adhere to the guidelines of both the National Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia. In fact, the menu claims to be 97% fat free– a big selling point in an industry known to be a huge contributor to obesity and overall poor health. Why not try the Mee Gee Seafood Box? Tasty ingredients in this dish include egg noodles, prawns, shrimp, fish cakes, tofu, and an assortment of delicious vegetables. Another popular menu item is the Luck-Sa Soup Box which features egg noodles, roast pork, tofu, and veggies all flavored with an exotic blend of Malaysian spices. The menu has many noodle combinations to choose from and the prices range from AU$8.95 to AU$14.95 depending on the size and type of meal you order. Side items are also offered and are much less expensive than the entrees.

Healthy Habits

Dubbed Australia’s #1 sandwich bar, Healthy Habits is another smart choice when it comes to fast food chains in Australia. Serving an average of 6000 customers every day, this Australian restaurant chain is gaining momentum. Healthy Habits customers can build their own sandwiches by choosing from an array of fresh ingredients, or select a tried and true favorite from a menu of 10 sandwich options. Suggested sandwiches to try are the Smoked Salmon Sensation, the Hail Cesar, or the Hammer Time. Side items offered include a variety of yogurts, fresh fruit salads, and healthy beverage selections. In general, fast food chains in Australia like this one offering a gourmet sandwich menu will have higher prices than restaurants in the USA like Subway or Quiznos.

Red Rooster


The Red Rooster, while unique in its own right, is one of the fast food chains in Australia that might be more comparable to one found in the United States. Showcasing a variety of roasted chicken options, chicken and fish burgers, wraps, and baguettes, the menu has something for even the pickiest of eaters. Popular meals include the Aussie Roast, the Classic Roast, Fish & Chips, and the D’Lish Burger. Side items like the Prawn Cutlets or the Salt & Pepper Squid can add an interesting twist to any meal– those are not side items you would find in the United States! Add a sweet touch to your Red Rooster meal with some Sticky Date Pudding or Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

Eagle Boys


If pizza is what you’re looking for, Eagle Boys will not disappoint. One of the most popular pizza fast food chains in Australia, this restaurant offers a wide variety of creative flavors that aren’t commonly found in the USA. While traditional flavors such as pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza can be found on the menu, visitors to Australia may opt for a more interesting choice like the Garlic Prawn Pizza, which includes ingredients such as marinated prawns, capsicum (pepper), garlic, Spanish onions, and even fresh lemon wedges. The Spanish Tapas pizza, which hosts the likes of calamari, Bocconcini, chorizo, grilled pumpkin, char-grilled potato cubes, red capsicum, chives, and mozzarella cheese make for another unique flavor to try. The menu has endless options and pizza prices range anywhere from AU$6.95 to AU$16.95 depending on the flavor of pizza you order. Traditional pizzas run much cheaper while gourmet pizzas tend to be higher in price.

Sunshine Kebabs


Since the first location opened in 1988, Sunshine Kebabs has found a comfortable place amongst some of the top ranking fast food chains in Australia. Featuring Middle Eastern flavors and Mediterranean dishes, it brings something a little different to the fast food table. Kebabs are made with beef, lamb, or chicken, and are combined with delectable vegetables grown by local farmers. Other menu options include Healthy Boxes – the Haloumi Healthy Box features a special Cypriot cheese, commonly found in Middle Eastern regions and Greece. Other appetizing selections are Kebab Burgers and AK Kicker Burgers– both options are healthier than traditional burgers and are high in complex carbohydrates and iron. Kebab prices range from AU$6.40 to AU$7.90, and can be upgraded to combo meals for a dollar or two more. All combo meals include chips and a drink. Healthy Boxes also vary, but start at AU$7.00 and can be as high as AU$9.50 when purchasing a combo meal. Burgers are the least expensive items on the menu and range anywhere from AU$4.50 to AU$7.50, the highest price being a burger combo meal.

While fast food chains in Australia do share some similarities with the restaurants found in the United States, they do offer a wide variety of exciting and tasty options that seem to make the humdrum cheeseburger and fries pale in comparison. So if your travel adventures should ever lead you to the land down under, you will know where you can find some of the best fast food chains in Australia.

*This post was provided by Erica Gustafson who is a freelance writer and consultant for Expedia. She has had the opportunity to visit a number of countries including Australia which she absolutely loves being down under and traveling through the outback.

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