World Tour: Point and Pray

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I was talking to a friend of mine who had the thrilling experience of dropping everything, and booking a cheap flight to Europe, where he backpacked for six months.  We got on the subject of restaurant experiences and he told me about his “point-and-pray” experiences.  Basically, while he was traveling across Europe, if he went into a restaurant that had a menu that didn’t provide English translations, he would simply glance over the menu, randomly point to a selection and pray that it would turn out good.  Sometimes he got great results – other times, not so much. 

Not only did I think his experiences were hilarious, but I also thought that his point-and-pray method was an excellent way to expose himself to dishes that he may not have otherwise tried.  I’m sure that many people have done the same thing – whether for the sake of not wanting to ask for an English translation or for the sake of challenging yourself to something new.  If you have any of those experiences, tell me about it! Email me at archele@johnnaknowsgoodfood and I’ll be more than glad to share the top two or three funny point-and-pray experiences that I read.  If you and your friends are planning to book flights and go to unfamiliar territory, you all should definitely surprise yourselves for dinner by using this method as well – I’m sure it’ll make for a memorable experience!

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