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I came across an interesting book from National Geographic, called Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to eat Around the Globe.  This book is the perfect gift for any food lover or avid traveler or explorer.  From Canada’s lobsters and oysters, Vermont’s maple syrup, Mexico’s hot chili peppers to China’s White Silver Tip Tea, this book outlines the world’s best ingredients, dishes and marketplaces.  It also goes into the best national dishes, the best food landmarks and the best food museums.  Booking a flight to Portugal, England or Belgium? This book features special treats found in all of those places.  How about St. Lucia, Sri Lanka or Virginia? It still has you covered!  As you or a loved one prepare to cash in those United Airlines points for a flight out, whether for business or pleasure, Food Journeys of a Lifetime can help you make some wise decisions for memorable culinary and dining experiences while on your trip!

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