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Just browsing through online photos of Malaysian cuisine makes my mouth water.  The colors and presentations of the dishes give a sense of bold flavors and savory ingredients.

Malaysia is unique in the fact that it is split into two parts by the South China Sea, but moreover,  Malaysia is historically unique as it was a crossroad for the ancient spice trade–>food translation–there are a variety of interesting and inviting spices and ingredients that are used in the region.  Because of its location on the spice trade, one could travel to Malaysia and experience a great deal of other cultural influences, including those of China, India, Thailand and Indonesia, without having to book multiple flights.

Research has sparked my interest in Malaysia.  While my United Airlines points are accumulating, I’ll have to stick to Malaysian restaurants, and in the meantime I’ll just add Malaysia to my Travel/Cuisine wish list.  Penang is a popular Malaysian spot with locations in DC, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Massachusetts.  Until I can get out to a city that provides the Malaysian experience, I’ll rely on recipes that I can make at home.

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