World Tour: Holiday Wrap-Up

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The New Year is here, along with the end of the holiday season.  Some of the most common New Years’ resolutions include losing weight and getting into shape, taking better care of finances and quitting bad habits.  In 2011, make a commitment to experience something new.  Plan a trip that will introduce you to an entirely new culture. 

Planning a trip to a foreign place can change your entire perspective on life.  You become more likely to take chances.  You develop an appreciation for new styles of cuisine and take on new values. Of course, your other resolutions are just as important, however integrating a trip into your plans can serve as motivation for other goals.  For example, when planning to lose weight, use the goal of fitting into a new bathing suit while relaxing on beaches in San Juan to drive your weight loss process.  Teach yourself discipline and save your money, taking the time to put money aside for a flight among other things.  Quit bad habits and plan to learn new and exciting traditions. 

Don’t put off that trip that you’ve always wanted to take to Europe for another year.  Start planning now and open your eyes, mind and appetite to all that the world has to offer.
Happy New Year, everyone!

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